Three years of experience with 3D digital software, as well as taking the position as assistant director in Kapi’olani Community College’s New Media Arts Animation Practicum.

  • Proficient in 3d and digital software that include: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects.
  • Ability to work independently while effectively supervising the work of others in a working environment.


Kapi’olani Community College

May 15, 2015  Associate in Science Degree in New Media Arts Animation

  • Dean’s List (2012-2015)
  • Assistant Director for 2015 NMA Animation Cohort Practicum (2014-2015)


Kapi’olani Community College New Media Arts Animation Practicum

Assistant Director August 2014 – May 2015

  • Responsible for assisting director procedures as well as managing CG pipeline and deadlines.
  • Contributed in story development, concept art, texturing, character animation, lighting, rendering, compositing, and post production.
  • Lead lighting artist and supervised rendering procedures.


3D Modeling

  • Proficient understanding of creating 3-dimensional figures based on scan data, concept art and photographs.
  • Ability to create a variety of surfaces that include organic and geometric.
  • Basic understanding of polygons and NURBS surfaces.

Lighting and Rendering

  • Basic knowledge of light setups, global illumination and final gathering.

Character Animation

  • Adept knowledge of the 12 animation principles as well as accurately applying believable character emotions and interaction through the animation process.

Character Rigging

  • Basic understanding of anatomy, dynamics, mass and volume, as well as character dynamics.
  • Adept knowledge of skeletal setups and IK/FK system.

Compositing and Post Production

  • Proficient knowledge of compositing digitally rendered sequences and passes as well as enhancing final product through post-production.

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